About Pacifica Research

Pacifica Research is a wholly owned subsidiary company of CShare Business Computers, which has manufactured the highest quality, most innovative business management and accounting software in the world since 1978. CShare has always been at the cutting edge of the computer industry, pioneering and developing powerful memory management and programming techniques which are now in common use. CShare was also the first company to sell a fully real-time accounting system on small business computers.

The programmers at CShare originated CServant, Dynamic Network Accounting, Pacifica, Laguna, and Pilot. They are their sole copyright owners. The principals of CShare and Pacifica Research are Dennis Cady and Donald Cady.

Our focus from the beginning has been business management software, first developed for the Alpha Micro minicomputer. We didn't start from an existing accounting program, as other vendors did, which gives Pilot a distinct character and unique feature set.

We have achieved many technical milestones along the way:

Pacifica Research is experiencing healthy growth and support from a loyal customer base.

While Pilot software addresses special needs of several industries, business management and accounting are the foundation of every system we design.

Pacifica Research
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