Pacifica Connect,,,, These companies were pioneers in developing the familiar shopping experience you enjoy on the internet.

They reach customers. They offer detailed product information in real time, with powerful searching, filtering and sorting abilities. Most importantly, they sell their merchandise 24 hours a day, everywhere the internet is. Their investments in technology have been repaid many times over in increased profits.

Countless businesses would like to sell their products in a similar way. Maybe your business, or businesses whose websites you maintain. Most businesses already have a website, but all too often, shoppers can't buy anything directly, or the website inventory is managed separately and manually, not integrated with the order processing system that manages in-house sales.

Ideally, your in-house inventory and order processing system would communicate so seamlessly with your website that the data for your website will not need to be managed and maintained outside of Pilot. When a shopper buys products on your website, the purchase will occur in your in-house system, not in a separate database on a remote web server. When you put a new product in your in-house inventory, adjust a description, add a photo or sell out of an item, shoppers will see the change reflected instantly in their browsers.

Larger businesses have incurred enormous initial cost and ongoing maintenance expense to achieve these capabilities, far beyond what many small companies can afford. But things have changed.

Pacifica Research is pleased to introduce Pacifica Connect, the integrated, real-time, technology to extend live shopping cart capability to your website, directly from Pilot.

Here's how Pacifica Connect works

In any browser on a computer or mobile device, a shopper on your website uses a familiar item search and shopping cart. With Pacifica Connect, the searching, filtering and selling all take place directly in Pilot, in your in-house Pilot database, instantly in real time. The inventory you use in-house is the inventory the website uses. Not a copy and not a separate website database. When a web shopper buys something, the invoice is instantly created in Pilot.

We'll examine how Pacifica Connect does this, and how it is implemented through Pilot.

Pacifica Connect is software in three parts:

A web framework with a tiny interface installed in one or more pages of a website, having control features that the developer will use to install or connect to a shopping cart, customer account management, shipping, credit card, sales tax and other API's, visually modifiable to suit the business. The framework is developed using nothing but JavaScript, CSS and standard HTML tags. Any HTML editor may be used to modify it.

A high-performance pipeline interface connecting the web server to the Pilot server.

Pilot inventory, order entry and customer management, running on the Pilot server. This server can be located in-house or hosted in the cloud, and it's where the business manages their inventory, fulfills orders and performs other accounting activities.

We've met these design goals for Pacifica Connect:

The typical Pilot to website integration permits web shoppers to do various tasks:

You determine, within Pilot, what your website displays and how it behaves. You can:

While Pilot communicates with and controls the website, shoppers on the website cannot gain access to, or control Pilot in any way, except as listed above. Specifically, web shoppers can never:

Pacifica Connect is designed to support a number of website configurations. Typically, one website and one Pilot order entry system are connected together, with Pacifica Connect supplying the shopping cart, product lookup and connections to shipping and sales tax calculators and credit card processing.

Your website may already have a shopping cart and product database that you intend to continue using. Pilot can be connected to it similar to a back end database, provided that the shopping cart or web server database makes the necessary data available to Pilot through a standard API that conforms to Pilot schema. In this case, the shopping cart may not support a live connection, and invoices and inventory updates may be batched to Pilot periodically.

Multiple websites can connect to one Pilot system. Some reasons for doing this are:

Multiple Pilot order entry systems can participate in a single website:

Your goal is to reach more customers and sell more products, on every connected device on the web. The solution is Pacifica Connect!

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